Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sergeant Clarence Victor Tarlin - Titirangi Memorial

Clarence with his mother, stepfather and sister (I think)

Clarence Tarlin was the son of Clara and Alexander Tarlin.  His father had fought in the Boer War and died in 1901 when Clarence would have been only 5 years old.  Before enlistment Clarence worked as a Labourer for the Auckland City Council,Waterworks.  He enlisted on the 3rd May 1916 and embarked for the War on the 19 August 1916 aboard the Aparima.

According to his records Clarence was wounded on the 21 February 1917 and reported missing.  It turned out he was actually captured by the Germans at Haubourdin in the Sailly Sector.  He died the next day from a gun shot wound to the abdomen.  In his records it states he was taken to the POW camp at Lemburg, Germany.  I wonder if he actually made it there as he was so badly injured.  He was 20 years old. 

I found the photographs of  Clarence very evocative he had such a gentle look it is difficult to imagine him being thrust into the hell of WW1.   Clarence will definitely be remembered by myself. 


  1. Clarence is my great uncle. His sister, my Nana, spoke of him with love and affection to the day she died.

    1. Hi please contact me on bevanne@orcon.net.nz I am related to Clarence too and would love to talk to you! regards Anne

  2. It is great and very rewarding to hear from a relative. Clarence will always be one of my most memorable entries!

    Thank you for commenting.

    Is the young lady in the photography you Nana.

  3. Hi Helen, I have just discovered that Clarence was my father's first cousin! His mother Clara Brittain and my Father's mother Henrietta May Brittain were sisters. You are correct, I believe the people in the family photo are left to right, Clara Brittain, Matthew Jacobsen, Clarence and his sister Hazel Lilian Tarlin. Interestingly I have discovered that Hazel later married one of Clarence's fellow soldiers Fredrick Shaw. Also interestingly Clarence's father Alfred John Alexander Tarlin died while in the army during the Boer War (medical condition) at the age of 25. Also Clara's brother Frederick William Brittain had a son born in 1918 who was named Clarence Victor in memory.