Monday, February 28, 2011

Some men from the Ardmore Memorial

Geoffrey Herbert Burnside was a farmer when war broke out he embarked on the 14 March 1917 aboard the Ruapehu.  He was killed in action at Ypres on the 15 October 1917.

James Bannatyne Campbell born in the Ness Valley also a farmer embarked on the 13 June 1916.  He stayed in the Middle East during the war and he died of Malaria and Pneumonia on the 21 October 1918 only days away from Armistice.  His brother Colin Campbell who had embarked on the 16 July 1917 aboard the Athenic also died of disease on the 9 November 1918 in France.  For their mother Frances Harriet Campbell is would have been heartbreaking losing two sons within weeks of each and so close to the end of the War.

Frederick Edward McConaughy a Farmer embarked on the 26 April 1917 aboard the Tofua.  He was killed in action on the 30 March 1918 on the Somme.

William Craig Kearney embarked with the main body on the 16 October 1914 he died of his wounds at sea from Gallipoli.

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  1. If you need anything on a Robert Mawhinney killed at Messines ridge I've done extensive research. He is named on the Te Kiri War Memorial, Taranaki. P.S. Great Blog.