Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The letters of Cecil Malthus

While trawling the internet I came across the letters sent by Cecil Malthus in World War 1 to his sweetheart and family.  They give an incredible insight into the everyday life of the soldier during WW1 and are worth a visit: http://library.christchurch.org.nz/Heritage/Digitised/WarsAndConflicts/WorldWarI/Malthus.

These letters remind me how we very rarely put pen to paper these days and whilst the electronic age has made the world smaller and easier to communicate with each other. (and for me to share these project).  In 100 years time our descendants will have very little evidence of our correspondence between friends and family.  This is a sobering thought and with that in mind I indeed to spend some time in the next few days writing to my family overseas.

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  1. Hi, You might want to visit the selwyn kete website
    http://keteselwyn.peoplesnetworknz.info/soldiers_of_selwyn. I have photographed all the districts memorials and researched the soldier named thereon.
    regards Lynda