Thursday, February 17, 2011

Corporal Edward Arthur Ormond Butler - Remuera Memorial

Edward Butler was an Insurance Clerk for New Zealand Insurance, he enlisted on the 7 March 1916.  He left for War on the 26 June 1916.  He was marched into Sling Camp in England on the 23 August 1916 and left for  France on the 14 September 1916.  He was reported missing on the 21 February 1917  in his Cenotaph record he is recorded as being killed in action at Messines, Belgium.

When I looked at his military records it reported how he was buried by the Germans.  On his Commonwealth Grave record it states that Edward Butler now lies in the Pont du Hem, Military Cemetery in France. (away from the Belgium border)   Many of the graves in the cemetery had been moved there after armistice. Only one New Zealander is reported on the Pont du Hem cemetery record as having  been removed from a German cemetery in France which was closer to the Belgium border and then buried at Pont du Hem.   I wonder if this could be Edward Butler?

Edward Butler was the son of Percy Selwyn Butler and Ellen Margaret Butler, Omahu Road, Remuera, Auckland,  He was 30 years old when he died.

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