Thursday, February 10, 2011

Andrew William Gibbison - Raglan Memorial

Andrew Gibbison was the son of William and Clara Gibbison farmers outside Raglan.  Andrew embarked for the war on the 15 November 1916, his brother Francis Gibbison embarked on 16 October 1914.  At the end of the war they both returned I suspect to the relief of their parents.  However Andrew had been wounded and gassed and still carried the injuries and effects of the gas when he return.  He may have moved to the Hawkes Bay on his return as in 1920 he died there from the effects of the injuries he had sustained.  He was 25 years old.

Also on the Raglan Memorial are a list of the soldiers who fell in WW2 where I noticed an another Andrew Gibbison on further research it's looks as though he was the son of Francis Gibbison, so he would be Andrew William Gibbison's nephew.  I thought it rather poignant that two generations of Gibbisons with the same name had been died as a result of war.  I wonder if the younger Andrew Gibbison had been given the name Andrew after his Uncle who had died in WW1.

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