Monday, February 3, 2014

The German sailor, his English wife and WW1 voyage that won him the Iron Cross

Research pieces together the complicated personal lives of a German sailor and his English wife, who had to split up at the outbreak of the First World War, with the husband going on to became a national hero 

Back in the office...

With the summer holidays over and my children back at university and school I am back in the office researching New Zealand's WW1 memorials.  Over the holidays I reached my goal of visiting 100 memorials and will update my list of those visited later this week.  The next step is the enormous task of researching the memorials I visited over the next few months and recording some of the stories from them.  With 2014 now upon us it is going to be a busy start to the year.  Hope you will still follow my journey and give me your feedback.  Thanks to all those of you who have contacted me over the summer I am always interested to hear from you.