Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More about the Palmerston North Memorial

Folkestone War Memorial
Palmerston North Memorial
As mentioned in an earlier blog (http://100nzmemorials.blogspot.com/2011/05/palmerston-north-memorial-12-may-2011.html) Palmerston North War Memorial was unveiled on the 7 February 1926 by the then Prime Minster J.G. Coates.  The Memorial was almost a replica of the War Memorial erected in Folkestone, Kent, England which was unveiled on 2 December 1922.

Below is a more detailed description of the Memorial taken from a brochure produced by the Palmerston North Library:

The Cenotaph, Palmerston North’s War Memorial, was constructed in 1926. Money for the monument was raised by the Palmerston North and Districts Soldiers Memorial Fund. At the time, there was considerable discussion over the form of the memorial and its location in the centre of the Square, which at that time was occupied by the railway line. Eventually it was decided to deviate the railway, to site the memorial in the central location. The monument is a copy of one found in Folkestone, England. The figure represents the spirit of motherhood and holds a wreath of remembrance and a New Zealand Flag. She looks North West towards the battlefields of Europe. The memorial has remained largely unchanged over the years until it was rededicated in 2005 with various additions including plaques listing the names of all the war dead from the region, six flagpoles, and steps bordered on either side by stone plinths.


 I find it very symbolic that the figure is facing North West towards the battlefields Europe.

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