Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The emotions of writing my blog

Today I was asked if I get emotional when researching the stories of the men and women on the Memorials who have died in such tragic circumstances, the answer is I do.

Often their stories are so moving that it is hard not to be emotional.  Most died so young they had not  begun to live their life or fulfilled their dreams and therefore often there is very little to write.

I like to think my blog brings those who perished in WW1 back to life for a moment (if only in a small way) and also help to remind us that they were ordinary people like you and I.

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  1. As the years past and the memories fade, it seems that our understanding of the events that led to these great conflicts diminish. This is a sad consequence of the passing of time and one that means that we miss the signs of impending crisis.
    I hope that we are not once again standing on the abyss of a "Great War". The signs are all there that we are entering such a period - let us pray that this is not so.