Friday, March 11, 2011

All quiet on the Christchurch front...

Spent the day in the Christchurch area yesterday visiting my son at Canterbury University.  I told him I would bring some peace with me and sure enough not a aftershock of any note was felt all day, that is until I got on the plane back to Auckland and they had a 4.5.  Sorry I couldn't stay longer Christchurch.

Back to business I had a productive day drove to Akaroa to visit the war memorial there and on the way visited the memorials at Tai Tapu and Little River.

The Akaroa Memorial received some damage back in the September Earthquake which has yet to be restored, but it must be said it is an impressive memorial despite the quake damage.

I have a lot of research to do over the next week, which is really exciting, for the moment here is something food for thought I took from the Akaroa Memorial.

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