Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 October 1917

When I begun this project back in January the date 12 October 1917 meant nothing to me.  However, after visiting 54 memorials across New Zealand (to date) the 12 October 1917 has become a recurring theme of my research.  There have been very few memorials which I have visited that do not bear the name of someone who lost their life on that ill-fated day at Passchendaele. 

The 12 October 1917 is etched in our New Zealand history as the most tragic day in terms of loss of life by New Zealand soldiers.  The experiences of those who survive and who have since written about that day are harrowing to read.  Many New Zealanders today have no idea of the significance of the 12 October 1917 which should surely be remembered as much as Gallipoli is on Anzac day and be at the forefront of our World War One history.

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